Sayat Nova, troubadout, poète, chanteur et moine

Sayat Nova was born in 1712 in Tiflis. Troubadour alternately celebrated and then fallen out of favor at the court of Irakli II, he was banished by the king in 1759. He became a monk at the monastery of  Haghpat He was so punished for his love for Princess Anna Batonashvili, the king’s sister. Sayat Nova was killed by the army of Agha Mohammed Khan that devastated the city of Tbilisi and its surroundings, in 1795.

Singer and master of kamanche, Sayat Nova wrote poems. According to Elizabeth Mouradian and Serge Venturini, poet translators in France, “three centuries after his work, who wrote in several languages remains a bridge between the peoples of the Caucasus, where he is always sung and loved by everyone. »