Hiking (untagged, no signs)

Spring-summer-autumn 2017qare kamurg
Every Wednesday at 2 p.m.
STC1406We offer hiking in ,,Tumanyan Land,,

????????????????????????????????/distance – 2 km, duration 1h 30m, level of difficulty-easy/

Hiking for everyone:


– heritage and history Arménie-avril2016-J3 (26)
– wildlife, landscapes
– local economy
– culture and traditions’’.

Price: for 2-5 people 5000 AMD/group
                 6-10 people 8000 AMD/group

randonnées et paysage⇒ Sanahin-Haghpat : 12 km, 3 hours. Discover the landscapes and cultural heritage. Chapel Desevank, monasteries Sanahin and Haghpat.

⇒ Sanahin Bridge: Sanahin Plateau: 2 km, 1 hour. Spectacular climb, 200 m of difference in altitude.

⇒ Odzun-Ardvi: 5 km, 4 hours round trip. Easy access. Hiking in Odzun Plateau.

⇒ Kobayr-Horomayr Monastery, Odzun 8.5 km, 4 hours.

⇒ Akhtala-Kkvi boun (Cuckoo’s Nest, remains of the fortress): 5 km, 4 hours round trip. Easy. Discover the flora.

⇒ Alaverdi-Sedvi 3.5 km, 4 hours round trip. Easy. Forest walk with discovering the monastery Sedvi.

For information on hiking, contact the Tourism Office “Tumanyan Land.”