Ethnobotanical garden in the yard of Sanahin Monastery

45068324_2109377465792657_8809401433641189376_n45008470_2109377192459351_8575906313983229952_nThe project was elaborated jointly with the French CRIPT organization and the Lori Tourism Development Foundation. The work was implemented by the students of Lycée Louis Giraud /Carpentras/ and the young volunteers from  Alaverdi community. It is another example of decentralized efficient cooperation between LORI-PACA. 



,,Lea and Napoleon Bullukian,, Foundation of France in Akhtala

31949326_1868132333250506_740135556452712448_n31948245_1868132393250500_7865786849443184640_nIn cooperation with the ,,Lori,,  Tourism Development Fоundation, the project of the museum which is devoted to Morgan and archeology and  is  initiated by ,,Tumanyan  Land,,  Tourism Office, was presented to  management team of  ,,Lea and Napoleon Bullukian,,  Foundation in Akhtala.


The improvements on the hiking road Odzun-Horomayr-Qobayr are already completed

The length of the road – 8 km                                                                                           The duration of the hiking – 4 hours / medium
Moving along through the wonderful nature of Lori you get even more surprised and admired seeing the combination of culture and nature. And the best way to enjoy your rest and holiday is the peace that exists in this area.



There was a  meeting between Lori region and PACA region-France

IMG_3622 (Copier)IMG_3638 (Copier)On June 27-29, the chief conservator of national museum of archeology St-Germain-en-Laye in France, the specialist of Jacque de Morgan Christine Lorre and the turism consultant of the organization Hautes Terres de Provence Daniel Guerassimenko were in Lori for a working visit, in cooperation within Lori region and PACA region – France. The aim of the visit was to create some necessary pre-requisites for the museum project devoted to Jacque de Morgan and archeology in Akhtala.

IMG_3534 (Copier)



87One more improved hiking trail in Lori Region …                             The works are continuing!







19060115_1424152517653118_7354101471779360560_nThis is not a fairy tale, this is our fascinating  Lori, which  is  beautiful as  by its cultivated  fields as the  immense rural tulips.

19113658_1302673893164680_5265371320682563013_nYou  can become the hero of this tale too!



The discovery of Odzun-Ardvi hiking way by the ,,Smithsonian Institution,, and the ,,Tumanyan Land,, tourism office.
DSC02988The whole way is covered with wonderful landscapes. The mountains, forests, large colorful fields of flowers and paths,
DSC02986the amazing beautiful wildlife and the paece of the environment make the passer-by’s way extremely perfect.
We have already passed this way.      Be the next.



                                                                                    DECEMBER 1,2 -2016
dsc02716dsc02729The  workshops’ topics which  was held by the  Armenian and French local communities were:  tourism,  agriculture, education and  francophonie.
Lori-PACA cooperation’s experience  in the field of the  Armenian-French decentralized cooperation was presented  during of   workshop of the  tourism.




                                25.11.2016 – THE REGULAR SESSION IN VANADZOR

dsc02704dsc02706The regular session of The Board of Trustees of the ,,Lori,, Tourism Development Foundation took place on November 25.
The agenda of the session was:
1.About making changes in composition of The Board of Trustees.
2.About Lori-PACA cooperation.
3.,,Lori,, Tourism Development Foundation’s director’s financial report for ten months of 2016 and ,,Tumanyan Land,, tourism office’s activity.
4. The issue of additional staff member in ,,Tumanyan Land,, tourism office of ,,Lori,, Tourism Development Foundation.




                                                                                                     ,, LORI THEATRAL,,

  On October 4-13
The performances will be shown in Alaverdi, in Vanadzor, in Stepanavan, in  Spitak, in Noyemberyan 
The theater groups  from  the different  countries are installed at the Cultural House of Alaverdi. Every day, one to two theater plays are presented in the theatrical Lori.
The public warmly supports the acting while a jury of artists and cultural critics, appreciates and selects the best troop.


                                                 Discover Armenia with us!

DSC02018The first excursion organized by ,,Toumanyan Land,, tourism office toDSC01820 Tatev monastery, Khndzoresk and Noravanq was held on July 2.
DSC01681The whole way was covered with wonderful landscapes, large colorful fields of flowers, deep magical canyons, high mountains and beautiful wildlife joined us everywhere.
Our first tour to Syunik was a great success.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Everybody enjoyed themselves.



  HIKING IN ALAVERDI 2017                                                                                                  Spring-Summer-Autumn
qare kamurg Every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

 STC1406 We offer hiking  in ,,Tumanyan Land,,
????????????????????????????????/distance – 2 km, duration 1h 30m, level of difficulty-easy/

Hiking for everyone

Arménie-avril2016-J3 (26)
– heritage and history
– wildlife, landscapes
– local economy
– culture and traditions’’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Price: for 2-5 people 5000 AMD/group
                                                                                                                                  6-10 people 8000 AMD/group


                                                                  The river Debed’s banks  cleaned  by the volunteers

DSC01362On April 9- the river banks of the Debed were cleaned. The work was overtaken by ,,Tumanyan Land,, tourism office and Alaverdi DSC01366municipality. The voluntary group was formed by students DSC01349and pupils, some inhabitants joined us during the work.



                          April 17  is memory day  of  Saint Hovhan Odznetsi Catholicos 

27 ardvi 14 The 17 th of April, 2016 – the day of  pilgrimage to the  Hovhan Odznetsi’s mausoleum in Ardvi.

Everyone can join and participate in the ritual pilgrimage procession.


 On the 22 nd of  September the opening of the tourism office ,,Tumanyan Land,,



 On the 22 nd of  September took place the opening of the office ,,Tumanyan Land,, under the direction of the first vice president of the region PACA of France Patrick Allmand and the governor of the Lori region Artur Nalbandyan.