478 Likes, TikTok video from Cerberus (@cerberus_cos): "#duet with @platinum_cerberus Only En and Kaiman are left! He then fought a brainwashed Nikaido until both fell into the catacombs of the Devil Church. 13asks Kaiman what kind of relationship he has withNikaido. She is the owner of a restaurant called the Hungry Bug in the Hole. A crazy man abducts her, and thanks to the rain, she is too weak to fight back. They found out that Asu sent them to Mastema, a town far away from En's Mansion. After a struggle between Kaiman who came to her rescue, the man, and his pet monster called Jonson, Nikaido is rescued and returns to the Hospital after Kaiman killed her captor and Jonson ate his remains in the sewer. Overall, this is a way for me to explore my selfship dynamics and figure out the characterization of some of my babes. Kaiman was against the idea because it was dirty money. He has red cross marks surrounding his eyes and wears a gas mask as his personal mask. Once Devil Kai was killed once again by En and Curse Risu, the whole place became pitch black, and acid started to flow in through the floor. As Aikawa, he was much calmer, evidently more levelheaded, and would usually avoid fights unless necessary. The Professor explains that it belongs to a Devil, and only high-class magic users have them. She traveled back in time two years ago to the alley where she found Kaiman. Kaiman woke up alongside a completely normal-looking and naked Nikaido, as she explained what she had to do to save his life, Kaiman understood that they were actually inside her Devil body. This is the first time Nikaido sees her friend with his human face. After a lot of goodies and crazy things, Nikaido accidentally knocked out with a loose ball, the director, and the match was suspended for another year. There she serves primarily gyozas with a few slices of shiso, which Kaiman adores. He sometimes wears a black gas mask that covers his entire face. And he shows no regard or concern about anything else, except for his best friend Nikaido. Dokuga and The Cross-Eyes top officers were working there as part-timers to supplement some money too. Kaiman hates them, and he even would start a mass slaughter in the middle of their realm to find the one responsible for his head.He has constant nightmares about his creation and death, causing him to wake up tired, worried, scared, and trying to forget them. After a warm reconciliation and promise to watch each other's back, the two stumbled into Natsuki, a Cross-Eyes girl who took Kaiman as her superior. Aikawa has quite a similar personality to Kaiman, arrogant and lazy . Not knowing who she was, they headed home to were Nikaido asked where Yakumo was, not knowing what she was talking about. Kaiman stops him, knowing where this is going, and the doctors explain to him that they operated on Nikaido with their own hands. #Dorohedoro Clip from: Dorohedoro EPISODE 12 English SUBSUBSCRIBE if you want to see more of these clips! During the time as En's partner, her clothes changed to a red jumpsuit with black boots and gloves. This means that this version of Kaiman has no memory of anything after the last Day of the Living Dead. The slow process of how Shin realized how he feels about his partner NoI. As Kaiman went unconscious, his last thoughts are of gyoza. But she retained her consciousness. Kaiman's design somewhat changes throughout the early chapters of the manga due to developments in the author's drawing style. Noi has silver-white hair and red eyes. Who as a full devil used her power to revive the head that was once chopped off by Shin early in the story, over a year ago. She hits him demanding to know who he is, with Kaiman only answering in the rude and silly way he is known for. Knowing him, she accepted his decision and stayed in Hole. Later, Kaiman finds her in a similar partially transformed state and rushes her to the Hospital before setting off to hunt down and kill the sorcerer. With him stands a guy called Aikawa, who talks and acts very similar to Kaiman. Now alone in the Magic User's Realm, Kaiman met Fukuyama, a Sorcerer who was being bullied and almost killed in the streets. She hates that her mind cant stop wandering. For two years, Kaiman and Nikaido hunted Magic Users that would invade the Hole. But, because he can't remember who cursed him, Kaiman resorts to clamping his mouth around the head of every Sorcerer he comes across. It is the result of a series of convenient events that the real Kaiman is able to exist in front of her. They finally gave up and had their new year's dinner in the kitchen room, where they found Prof. Kasukabe, an old scientist who researched Magic Users. Dense Kaiman finally starts becoming aware that his feelings for Nikaido aren't entirely "just friends". He has shown to be a bit absent-mindedas during both his jobs he finds himself easily distracted by things. They now have the ultimate weapon and key to solve this chaos once and for all. Time Type Throughout most of the series, Kaiman takes on the appearance of a lizard-like creature. His only words replied: "I am no one to you. After retrieving the book and before Nikaido could talk to her former friend once again, Aikawa trusted them with Risu before he loses his senses again. Nikaido/Kaiman, established relationship, post-series. 13 enrolls in the team. They decided to give up and have their new year's dinner in the dining room. Before it can begin its plan, it must sit and observe both worlds Plus, its the new year celebration soon! Consequently, imprisoning Curse inside his mouth and becoming amnesic in the process, and morphing the new head with reptilian features, during that series of events,Kaimanwas born. Kaiman is the main character of the manga and anime series Dorohedoro. Nikaido Image Gallery. Ship, character, and other tags will be updated as more parts are released. Professor Kasukabe introduces another member of the team to Kaiman and Nikaido,Jonson. They got lost for hours in the huge mansion, warped by magic. During his turn to the bat, he knockouts the clinic director with a ball directly in the face. The man is about to gouge Kaiman's body when his legs are chopped and fed to Jonson. Like BOFURI? Even though at times, he can be rude, stubborn, and prone to resolve anything with violence. I have a lot of ideas for stories but lack motivation to make complete, long stories like I want to. Dokuga asked him if he was Aikawa, and Kaiman was shocked to hear that name. Language: English . In other manga series I'm reading characters suffer much worse . Not for the first time, Kaiman wonders if the human-headed version of himself had been a ladies man. In the very beginning, Kaiman has a relatively lanky frame, long limbs, an elongated muzzle, and long spikes on the back of his head. However backward, it's just the same old struggle and daily fight for survival as always. I'm so grateful I got to experience this masterpiece. May update on occasion. Apart from that, i can't wait for the Anime and i'm looking forward for Hayashida's new series this spring! As Aikawa, he was much calmer, evidently more levelheaded, and would usually avoid fights unless necessary. Kaiman is about to kill him when the man calls "Jonson", the giant cockroach, and restrains Kaiman on the floor. Hungry Bug Shopkeeper After a warm reconciliation and a promise to watch each other's back, Kaiman told Nikaido of his desire to travel to Berith. Not much later, Curse materialized from the door lock, tearing Kai's head apart, and was almost killed by it. A series of vignettes related to Noi visiting her girlfriend and finding out about her past. It's fantastic, extremely unique but there's one thing i felt robbed off. Shin would never tell. Thanks to her transformation into a devil, she escaped from the madness inside the store, just to end up succumbing to the Devil's sudden change of humor, and went on a shopping spree in the middle of the chaos. Kaiman, ashamed of this, only agrees with her. You, Nikaido, Kaiman, and Risu have a sleepover. With the monster destroyed, a magic door appeared and brought all of them to the Magic User world. They spend a couple of days living in the apartment of a taxi driver sorcerer who he killed in the city. Princess Peach (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), Donkey Kong (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, In Dorohedoro, it is shown that Kaiman is actually a split personality of Ai Coleman. Kaiman usually takes on the personality of someone arrogant and lazy, but deep inside, he's rather kind and cares a lot for his best friend, Nikaido. She escaped with no results, ending in the apartment again and asking Kaiman to cut the mushroom with one of his knives. Kaiman was disgusted by the weird way that sorcerers lived. To many characters in shows seemed to get paired up with either either skmebody they have little or no romantic interest with just to pair people. She is secretly a Magic User. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (38), | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (9), | Ryuu ga Gotoku | Yakuza (Video Games) (2), | Boku no Sexual Harassment (2), Kaiman (Dorohedoro)/Original Character(s) (11), | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, tags will be updated as I write otehr things. Or maybe even enjoys them. The relationships between a lot of characters are extremely heartwarming, despite Dorohedoro's sometimes gory content - Nikaido and Kaiman, Shin and Noi, even Fujita and Ebisu. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. During the night, Nikaido approached Kaiman who was in better spirits from getting a meal. Onward. The relationship that Kaiman has with Nikaido is rather confusing. He studies the corpses of sorcerers killed by Kaiman and Nikaido. Nikaido and Kaiman in a relationship. None, Great Gyoza King Wand Magic (Formerly), Substance Increasing Type Magic (Formerly; Under the effect of it). She is one of the first characters of the manga, fighting Fujita while Kaiman "interrogates" Matsumura. While captive and sick in En's Mansion, her outfit consisted of a black jacket and black panties. Kaiman woke up inside a strange place, and beside him, Nikaido, in her normal form completely naked, he started to talk about how a bulky man was pretending to be her and tells her to put some clothes on. Not knowing how to respond, he replied "I'm Risu's friend". WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dorohedoro Season 1, now streaming on Netflix.. After being trapped in Netflix jail for some time, Dorohedoro's first season finally dropped.The apocalyptic fantasy anime's first season ends on a high note with Kaiman and Nikkaido reunited in the sorcerer's world, but who knows how long that finite peace will last. During a trip on New Year's night, Vaux asked her and Kaiman to go to the house of an old friend of his. Together, they hunt down the sorcerers who come to the hole looking for practice, typically killing them after they answer Kaiman's question of what "the man inside his head" said. In a twisted way, Kaiman, even amnesic, kept doing his previous work, like The Boss, by killing Magic Users indiscriminately, maintaining traits from both, Kaiman and Kai's personalities. In later chapters, Kaiman becomes much more muscular and broad, his head shorter and snub-nosed, with much shorter spikes. Magic They demanded that the owner, Syueron, close the shop as Magic Users frequented the location after practicing on the people of Hole. (Despite the title, this is not smut lmao). He sports small crosses over his eyes and wears gas masks most of the time, though he refrains from wearing them later on in the series. Throughout most of the series, Kaiman, true to his name, takes on the appearance of a lizard-like entity. Kaiman/Nikaido (Dorohedoro) Kaiman (Dorohedoro) Nikaido (Dorohedoro) Drunk Kissing; real scalie hours; Summary. She remained in a cell after the contract inside her was signed to ensure her mind would be warped to obey En. He says goodbye in his mind, and telling her that she is his only friend, regardless of whether she is a Sorcerer. The Devil told her not to kill him, and they needed to find The Store's Kitchen Knife first to get out of the building. Takagi has notably voiced the Joker in Batman Ninja (2018), Okuyasu Nijimura in JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable (2016), Hammerhead in One Punch Man (2015) and Knuckle Bine in Hunter x Hunter (2011). The meal came out as a charcoal-like gyoza with raw garnish inside, nevertheless she still eats the food prepared by her friend in caring thought. He is born in the Hole with an immunity towards magic. Years after the cross eyes have been disbanded and things have gone back to normal, a new threat brews in the darkness looking to destroy anything in the way of its unknown goal. As a result, other characters are often unsure of her gender at first, until she speaks or takes off her mask. Wataru Takagi is a well-known Japanese actor and voice actor who has starred in a variety of anime series, video games and television dramas. With Vaux's aid, they managed to survive, Kaiman's head growing back and the severed one placed in a jar of formalin despite his disgust. Kaiman was eventually found by the sorcerer Asu, previously a devil. Accompanied by Nikaido, his female companion, he tracks down Magic Users in "The Hole" and unceremoniously chomps down on their head, hoping to find out who it was that put . 5 HILARIOUSLY BAD: Kaiman Has An Identity Disorder. Now more painful and realistic than ever thanks to his stay in the Magic Users Realm. This lead to Nikaido deciding to use her mask, the thing she vowed never to use, to empower herself and fight the creature back. I have a friend to kill." They had to leave the sorcerer's realm after Nikaido failed to kidnap Risu, and headed to Hole using a smoke spray that Kasukabe gave to them.
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