Aigle détouréImagine! Three thousand years of history! Few countries in the world can trace their history back as far as that. Armenia, the first country to officially adopt Christianity in 301 AD, has a rich culture and a fascinating history.Alaverdi-Sanahin-and-Haghpat
The Lori Region, north of the Armenian capital Erevan, contains an as yet undiscovered secret, the district of Toumanian, watered by the River Debed. Here you will find an undisturbed natural environment: lush volcanic plateaux with farmland interrupted by steep gorges and wild landscapes. Hidden away in this wilderness are innumerable monasteries, little gems of mediaeval life where you can enjoy unequalled hospitality and the spirit of long tradition.
The Lori Region recently made a conscious decision to promote tourism. The seven district councils of Alaverdi, Akhtala, Ardvi, Dsegh, Haghpat, Odzoun and Toumanian, backed by the Vallex Group, have set up a foundation whose purpose is to promote tourism in Toumanian. Their first step in 2014 was to establish the Toumanian Tourist Office at Alaverdi, to publicise the country that we now invite you to visit.

Discover the Tumanyan Land!